Build-To-Suit (BTS)

Build-to-suit investment (BTS) is a finished industrial structure designed for a dedicated user.
BTS, as opposed to an available speculative area, is characterised by the arbitrariness within the scope of...

Warehouse spaces

We specialise in the Build-To-Suit investments and that is the reason why we have a high rate of the lease of spaces – over 95%.

If you are looking for a free warehouse space, please send an enquiry.

Development areas

For the purposes of the development of our business, we provide a number of areas in the south of Poland.

Application form for people looking for the real estate properties.

Application Form

If you are looking for a warehouse or a facility adjusted to your needs, please complete the form below.

ARSON Sp. z o.o.

We are a resilient, rapidly growing company, our success is measured by the impeccable reputation, contractor experience and competitive prices.

As the developer of industrial areas, we provide the finished industrial buildings with the back-up office and personnel facilities which are adjusted to the diverse needs of Clients. In order to develop our business, we provide a number of areas in the south of Poland.

We offer the construction services of the industrial, warehouse and office facilities which can be leased out for many years. We specialise in the build-to-suit investments (BTS) which are designed for the needs of an individual Client.

We apply the most modern technologies, methods and materials to our designing and contracting. As a result of this, we finish each investment within short deadlines and we always put quality in the first place.





ul. Bażantów 1
40-663 Katowice

Mailing address:
ul. G. Morcinka 16b
43-430 Skoczów

Tel.: +48 33 853 41 11
Tel.: +48 33 853 25 24
Fax: +48 33 853 45 90



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