We are a resilient, rapidly growing company, our success is measured by the impeccable reputation, contractor experience and competitive prices.

JAs the developer of industrial areas, we provide the finished industrial buildings with the back-up office and personnel facilities which are adjusted to the diverse needs of Clients. In order to develop our business, we provide a number of areas in the south of Poland.

We offer the construction services of the industrial, warehouse and office facilities which can be leased out for many years. We specialise in the build-to-suit investments (BTS) which are designed for the needs of an individual Client.

We apply the most modern technologies, methods and materials to our designing and contracting. As a result of this, we finish each investment within short deadlines and we always put quality in the first place.



This is a family business which started in the 80s. Reliability and honesty are two features which we have been applying from the start of our business until today.

This is our history:

1989 This year was crucial for the Polish post-war industrial history. It was a year when we started the international trade, it mainly involved the import of groceries to Poland. At that time, our company was building a network of distribution on the territory of our country supplying over 1.500 wholesale stores with a number of brand-name goods from the Western manufacturers who wanted to gain a rapidly growing Polish market.
1992 This year was critical for our company. We acquired a license from a Croatian company – Podravka – which allowed us to begin the produce of a well-known condiment ‘Vegeta’ in Skoczów. Lowering of the costs of import resulted in our company coming out as a leader in the sale of this condiment on the Polish market – over 90% of the share of sales.
1995 A joint-venture was formed. The partnership strongly developed the network of sales which increased the sales of the universal condiment ‘Vegeta’ up to 12.000 tons/year.
1996 The partnership bought the organised enterprise, ‘Winkler’ pastry factory in Katowice and developed the production and distribution of pastry products in Poland and abroad.
2002 The partnership completely changed the line of business, starting to construct on their own the facilities with various industrial functions, which was followed by the lease of these real estate properties.
2003 The adaptation of facilities in Katowice and the acquisition of new longtime lessees. The total area of the facility: 12600 sq m.
2004 The construction of a service complex in Skoczów with the total area of 3600 sq m. The purchase and contracting of the general refurbishment of two industrial facilities in Skoczów for the needs of lessee. The total area of 4900 sq m
2005 The commission of a new warehouse space with the back-up office and personnel facility in Skoczów with the total area of 2800 sq m. The modernisation of an existing facility in Skoczów for the needs of a newly acquired lessee. The total area of 7500 sq m.
2006 The extension of an existing production plant for a German company. The area of 950 sq m.
2007 The construction of a high storage warehouse with the area of 1200 sq m for an American company trading in the automotive industry.
2008 The partnership provides a turkney project and commissions a manufacturing plant with the back-up office and personnel facility in Skoczów with the total area of 8200 sq m.
To start – VII 2008
To end – IX 2009
2009 The partnership undertakes another investment in the build-to-suit system in Skoczów with the total area of 10800 sq m.
To start – III 2009
To end – V 20010
2010 2010 The design of an investment in the build-to-suit system in Bażanowice near Cieszyn with the total area of 5800 sq m.
To start – X 2010
To end – VIII 2011
2011 The undertaking of another investment in the industrial park in Bażanowice near Cieszyn with the total area of 6500 sq m.
To start – XI 2011
To end – X 2012



We plan to continue growing rapidly in the developer industry in the south of Poland by creating the appropriate conditions both for the native entrepreneurs and foreign companies interested in starting the production in Poland.

Build-to-suit investment (BTS) is a finished industrial structure designed for a dedicated user...
We specialise in the Build-To-Suit investments and that is the reason why we have a high rate of the lease of spaces – over 95%...


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